ProExtender reviewQuestion: Have you ever wondered if it’s really possible to increase the size of your ?

I have so for the last 6 months I’ve been using the ProExtender to see if  without surgery really is possible or not..

This is my ProExtender review..

My ProExtender Review: How I Used It To Gain Over An Inch And A Half In Just 6 Months..

I didn’t lose my  until I was 22 years old because I was afraid of being laughed at by women when they saw I was less than 5 inches.

By the time I was 25 I’d only had  a few times.

I was sick of the way things were so I decided to do something about it!

The first thing I did was find out about surgery.

The Pro ExtenderBut after reading so many horror stories about guys having surgery and ending up with a Frankenstein  I decided against it.

And at 10 THOUSAND dollars there was no way I was going to risk it.

But then somehow and don’t ask me how, I found some website talking about African  hanging.

ProExtender resultsApparently these African tribes would either stretch or hang their  with weights to increase it’s size to impress the females.

As a modern day solution this website recommended the ProExtender system.

So I did some research on it and found that quite a few guys were using it and having success.

➡️️ There was actually a study done in 1998 by a group of Scandinavian Doctors to see if extenders really worked.

Basically they got 18 men aged between 22 and 50 years old and got them to wear an extender like the ProExtender.

They wore them for 10-13 hours per day for 25 weeks/6 months.

At the end of the experiment on average each participant gained 1.1 inches in length.

There were no negative implications from the stretching and 100% of the participants saw gains.

1.10 inches in less than 6 months from the old devices ain’t bad right?

So I decided to buy the ProExtender and it arrived a few days later in a discreet package.

Here’s what the opened package looks like..


While I was waiting for the ProExtender to be delivered I did a bit of research and found a schedule that someone had posted online for using the device.

The schedule tells you when to wear it and for how long.

(I’ve posted the routine down below here) for you to see.

So anyway I was pretty excited to get started.

Getting Started With The ProExtender..

I followed the schedule and started slowly.

On day 1 I only used the device for about an hour because I didn’t want to over do it.

You need to work your way up to longer sessions.

Just like bodybuilding you don’t just hit the heavy weights right away.

One of the first things I noticed was that it’s very discreet.

Even if you’re trousers are pretty tight people wont know you’re walking around with a  stretcher on.

For the first month I didn’t gain too much.

Maybe half a centimeter but nothing too noticeable.

Pretty soon I noticed that I was getting much stronger s.

It was still early days and I knew that I needed to be patient because it takes time so I stuck with it and carried on following the schedule.

After about 8 weeks..

I got out my measuring tape and felt pretty good when I saw I had actually grown quite a bit.

When I started I was 4.5 inches and after 8 weeks I was 5.2 inches.

I was pretty impressed so I carried on with it.

6 months later after sticking to the Pro Extender schedule religiously I ended up with some pretty great results.

Remember I started off at about 4.5 inches but after 6 months I had grown to 6.3 inches.

So in 6 months I had gained well over an inch and a half.

I then stopped using it for 2 months because I was curious to see if the gains were permanent and sure enough it’s now 2 months later and I’m still 6.3 inches and much thicker so I’m confident that the gains are permanent.

So here’s my ProExtender Before & After Results..

My ProExtender Results

ProExtender United States ProExtender Official

Apart from the size increase I’ve also found many other benefits..

  • I feel much more confident.
  • I’m not so afraid to talk to women anymore.
  • As a 26 year old man I get much more  than before. In the past unless I was drunk I’d avoid it completely to save myself some embarrassment.
  • I last a lot longer in bed as well.
  • My  are hard as a rock!

So yeah, I’m very happy with the Pro Extender.

Don’t expect to see gains overnight but eventually you will see results and to be honest 6 months seemed to go pretty fast.

I definitely recommend the ProExtender. If you use it regularly then you wont be disappointed with it.

The ProExtender – What is it?

What is the proextenderThe device looks pretty strange when you first look at it.

There’s a hole at the bottom that you insert your soft  through and then there’s a noose kind of thing at the end that you tie around the glans of the .

The ProExtender then elongates which stretches out your .

You can change how much “stretch” the device produces by lengthening or shortening the side bars.

Obviously the longer the side bars the more it’s going to stretch you out.

After you’ve used it a few times you’ll find that the ProExtender is actually very easy to use.

A Study by British Journal of Urology on Extenders..

So I found this recently and though it was pretty cool.

It’s a study conducted by the British Journal of Urology on extenders. This is what they say..

ProExtender Proof

ProExtender Proof2

You can read the full study here.

The ProExtender Pros & Cons


  • It will take a while before you notice any results. It takes time to grow soft tissue and you’ll wear the device for a while and wonder if it’s actually doing anything.
  • Staying committed. You can’t just wear it off and on when you feel like it. To get results you need to stick to a routine and wear it a lot.
  • Not that cheap. At several hundred bucks you just know that their profit margins must be huge. But at the end of the day, the ProExtender works so..

Now the PROS.

  • Easy to use. When you’ve learned how to use it, it won’t take longer than 20 seconds to put it on.
  • It’s comfortable. At first you may ache a bit from using it but after a while you can wear it for hours and barely notice you have it on.
  • It’s well made and feels very sturdy. I dropped it a few time and it was fine.
  • It is pretty discreet. Unless you’re wearing tight trousers you’ll be able to use it at work or wherever and nobody will notice.
  • You’ll notice an increase in both girth and length.
  • STRONGER! Before I noticed any size gains I noticed I was getting much harder s.
  • The ProExtender works. I think the best thing about the ProExtender is it just works. If you’re willing to wear it regularly and have patience then you’ll see good results within months and you’ll likely gain between 1-3 inches in less than 6 months.

ProExtender FAQs

  • My starting size is very small can I still use it? You can adjust the rods on the side depending on your size so whether your starting size is 2 inches or 7 inches you’ll still be able to use it to make gains.
  • Is it safe to use? It is safe to use. Don’t use the maximum tension to begin with and don’t use it if you are hard. In the beginning I put it on with about a 40%  and after a minute when I lost my  my  naturally shrunk and the noose slipped off the end of my head which didn’t feel good. It’s best to use it while completely soft.
  • Do I need to warm up before using it? Most of the time I didn’t warm up but as with all things exercise it never hurts to do a warm up.
  • Will this make make my  look long and thin? No, it increases both length and girth so the  will grow in all directions. You can see from my results that everything is in proportion.
  • I see 4 options on the ProExtender order page. What version did you purchase? I purchased the Deluxe ProExtender package. I did some research before buying and found that the “Deluxe” version is a lot more comfortable to wear than the “Original” version and seeing as it was going to be something I’m wearing often I didn’t want to be wearing something that was uncomfortable.
  • Do they have a money back guarantee? I found this page on their site – They have a 6 month money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied. I think that’s pretty good as it will be plenty of time for you to give it a good try.
  • Will people know I’m wearing it? Trust me, every time I’ve had to leave the house with it on I triple check to make sure there’s not a massive bulge but there never is. So yeah, it’s discreet and nobody will know you have it on. If you decide to wear it with tight trousers on people will just think you have a big dong. 🙂
  • What gains can I achieve? Well their website says the average length increase is 24% and girth is 19%. So if you are 6 inches to start with then expect to get to 7.44 inches. However their site doesn’t say how long the average person uses it for. I don’t see why you couldn’t get bigger though if you continued to use it for longer. In my experience if you use it regularly and stick to the routine then you can expect to 1-3 inches in gains within 6 months.
  • Your results are impressive. Did you do use anything else apart from the ProExtender? Thanks very much but no I just used the extender. I’ve heard good things about  so maybe if you add  to your routine you’ll get results even faster.

The people at ProExtender have answered some of their own FAQs at:

Do you have another question? Then just drop a comment below!

The Get Big Or Go Home ProExtender Schedule 🙂

ProExtender Schedule

ProExtender United States ProExtender Official

The ProExtender Calculator..

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To Buy The ProExtender Or Not?

Buy ProExtenderI was skeptical and had my doubts about whether it would really do anything but in the end I discovered that the ProExtender really works but it does require time and patience.

It’s not exactly cheap so if you’re just going to use it off and on whenever you feel like it then you’re not going to get the results you want.

However my schedule above works so follow it and you’ll see results.

If you’re serious about increasing the size your  then I would definitely recommend you buy the ProExtender or the SizeGenetics if you’re in the USA.

I think it’s one of the best things I’ve ever bought and it’s pretty much changed my life  life and made me a much more confident and happy guy.

Because you need to give it time before you notice results it’s best to get started as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading my ProExtender review. If you have a question or need any advice then feel free to leave a comment below!

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