Ever since I got into the whole penis enlargement thing it’s been a goal of mine to see if I can find a way to last longer in bed before cumming.

They say that it takes the average woman around 20 minutes of penetration in order to reach orgasm.

The problem is that most men just don’t last that long.

Now one thing that I’ve been doing is called kegals.

That’s where you strengthen the pelvic floor muscles which gives you more control over when you orgasm and also helps give you stronger erections.

However for me Kegals just haven’t been enough so I after doing some research I discovered these things called delay sprays or creams.

They contain a slight numbing ingredient and when you place the cream or spray on the head of the penis it numbs it slightly.

..But the question is, do they work?

The answer = YES!

super dragon 6000The one I bought was called Super Dragon 6000.

The day it arrived I honestly didn’t think it was going to work on me so before bed I gave the head of my penis 3 large sprays.

Well that was a mistake but also made for a good lesson because my dick became so numb that I could barely get a full erection and after an hour of jacking off I gave up on the idea of cumming.

After some trial and error I found that a spray and a half works really well for me.

With a spray and a half I can get a full rock solid erection and it takes me about 30 minutes to cum while jacking off.

I used it with my girlfriend for the first time yesterday and I managed to last a good 25 minutes and I really went for it.

She came before I did which was a first.

I found the spray so good that if I had slowed down then I could have gone for probably an hour.

When you’re wearing the delay cream it’s a weird sensation, it’s not as pleasurable because you lose a bit of feeling.

But I find it exciting because you think to yourself, “Holy crap, I don’t have to worry about cumming too soon, I can really go for it.”

And I found that because it took me so long to cum there was a big build up, so when I did finally orgasm it felt pretty amazing but I had to work hard to get there.

Here’s how you use it..

About 10-15 minutes before you’re about to have sex you spray a bit on the head of your penis and then rub it all over the penis.

Then about a minute or 2 before the sex you then go and wash it all off!

You need to wash it off otherwise it will actually make her numb if she gives you a bj or bb sex.

And then you’re going to have to explain to her why her tongue has gone numb after pleasuring you.

Washing it off doesn’t stop it from working.

I’ve also heard about these condoms with delay cream already in them which sounds like a good idea to me.

So yeah, it’s a bit of extra work to spray and then wash off and it’s obviously not possible for spontaneous sex but delay sprays are awesome in my opinion and I definitely recommend you get some to play around with and don’t forget to read my ProExtender review if you’re interested in extenders.

Have fun! 🙂

..If you’ve used a delay cream or spray then let us know about your experience and what you think of them in the comments below!